Perfect Wedding Pictures

wedding pictures     Wedding pictures are good memory keepers but pictures can also be a huge expense. This can be a double edge sward as you want your wedding pictures to be a lasting memory of your wonderful day. The question is, do you want a professional photographer or an armature to take your wedding photos. There are many amateur photographers that can do a wonderful job but you must be so very careful as you want to capture all those special moments forever.

     Having great wedding pictures will guarantee your wedding memories will last forever, however, wedding photography can also suck up a huge part of your wedding budget. The decision to hire a professional photographer versus an armature is a difficult one but hopefully we can shed some light on the subject. This video offers some great tips.


     It is important that the photographer, especially an armature, understand what purpose these photo’s are for. If they are for the family album a regular camera using film or simple digital camera will do. Any digital camera with 3 mega pixels, with settings to photographs in a number of conditions usually sunny, cloudy, night ad indoors will work fine. Memory cards must have enough space to capture the entire event. It is advised to have additional memory cards handy just in case they are needed.

     A camera that has several photo options is a good to start with. Ideally, having a high number of mega pixels to allow for making copies and also resizing your photos is a must. Having the option to attach wide wedding picture cameraa angle, telephoto or other special lenses will make a huge difference in the quality of your photos. Wide angle lens are good for landscape or panoramic photographs, telephoto lens is good for sport photographing or for objects that are too far or the photographer cannot go close to due to inaccessibility. There are also tinted lenses that can add mood and style to photographs.

 Digital cameras are very popular because they tend to offer more options. They offer a various levels of quality as well as storage capability. No film waste when using a digital camera and your wedding photo’s can be taken and retaken without restrictions as unwanted photo’s can easily be erased. There is also less equipment to lug around and less risk of damage to undeveloped photographs.

     The memory card is also reusable, the pictures can also be better quality as digital cameras offer different settings for all sorts of conditions. If you’re looking for ore creativity but still want a personal touch, there are digital single lens reflex (SLRs) which allow manipulation of the camera focus and composition potential.

     Digital cameras do not create an urgency to print out the pictures immediately because the universal serial bus (USB) cable can store the pictures on a disk or computer to be used later and or edited. Consider also making some short movies. This can really add fun and diversity to any wedding picture event.

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