Great Wedding Ideas

In your search for great wedding ideas

it may be necessary to broaden your horizons and think outside of the box. Traditional weddings may be wonderful for some people, however, you are not one to follow worn out traditions. Stuffy overcrowded gatherings with people you may not know holds all the allure of a root canal. Being the adventurous type you will want to look at wedding ideas to fit your personality and match your charisma, desires, and charm.

Check out a Beautiful Fairytale Wedding

Destination Wedding Ideas Destination Weddings have suddenly become all the rage. Unlike the stigma attached to eloping, a wedding ceremony performed in an exotic location has become more and more popular. With easy access to air transportation and affordable popular destinations it is easy to see why couples are ditching the big formal wedding filled with guests neither the bride or groom knows for small intimate affairs. Besides the excitement of the fascinating allure of being wed on a tropical island, a scenery filled mountain top, or ancient historic location, a destination weddingdestination weddings may also be much easier to plan. Bora Bora may be the most romantic location on earth and of course is a great place for DIY weddings. The government now allows marriages for all nations and the local experts will help guide you with wedding ideas and help sort out all the minute details. How about a villa in Spain or nestled in the Swiss Alps? The services can be personalized especially for you and your guests to provide a memorable experience. Cruise ships are already designed to create a memory making voyage and as such are the perfect places for themed weddings. Having hosted many matrimonial events the cruise director may have wedding ideas you could never imagine. For an adventurous couple who prefer to hunt an African Safari trip can pull double duty by creating an extraordinary back drop for the wedding of a lifetime along with a remarkable hunting experience. Underwater ceremonies have become more common and what better place than Cancun, Mexico for the scuba diving couple. Banff, Canada is an picturesque location for a snow skiing theme. Warming up by the fireplaces with 6 foot logs is a romantic way to spend the honeymoon for newlyweds.

Wedding Ideas For the DIYer

Those who will be planning DIY weddings can reduce the stress of the old fashion church wedding with all the bells and whistles by looking to reduce the guest list and move to somewhere that has meaning or significance to the either the groom or bride or possibly both. This is when you recruit friends and family to help. But don’t take it for granted. DIY weddings need quite a bit of work and commitment form all who volunteer. Try checking out some great ideas from The Knot. This is a wonderful place to purchase your DIY necessities.  A great DIY wedding idea is to split it up, using a venue that will allow you to brine in your own caterer, bar, decorations and give you the flexibility to make your wedding unique and wonderful! Great Wedding Ideas

Theme weddings

Theme wedding ideas can range from simple to elaborate and do not have to be expensive. By moving to a destination of the theme and keeping the guest list to a small manageable number expenses can be kept to a minimum. With the average cost of a traditional wedding inching above the $25,000 mark couples can opt to pay airfare or cruise ship fares for a few of their dearest friends and still keep the total cost under the price of a small used car. On the other hand the guests can use the money they would have spent on a gift and use that money to pay their own fare or help offset the couples expenses. Theme wedding ideas include a country wedding, a hot balloon ride wedding, underwater wedding, or even a skydiving wedding.

Small Weddings

Small wedsmall wedding ideasding ideas can fit into the category of weddings on a budget but don’t necessarily have to be cheap. Big is not always better especially for the couple on a budget.  The whole marriage process should be about the couple and not fulfilling the unfulfilled dream of one of the parents. Nor should the ceremony be a spectacle designed to impress the guests. A small intimate gathering can be more memorable than a large full blown circus like event. Quality does not have to be sacrificed with small wedding ideas. Small wedding venues often include Destination Weddings. Destination weddings limit the number of folks who can attend so planning an evening with a famous chef as host after the ceremony may be the perfect way to start your lives together. Other possibilities might be a Swiss Alp experience, running with the bulls in Spain, or para-sailing in Cancun. Wedding ideas are only limited by your imagination.    

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