Destination Wedding Plans

Some things you should consider when planning a Destination Wedding.

destination weddings♥ COST: One of the first major considerations when planning a destination wedding will be cost. Will you be able to afford the cost of flying to another area, staying in a hotel and paying for all your wedding expenses? If money is not a problem, you’ll want to move on to you’re the next issue, namely who to invite.

♥ WHO TO INVITE: Should family members be invited? If you’re not inviting anyone from your family to your wedding, you’ll have to keep in mind that feelings can, and probably will, get hurt. And if you are thinking of inviting many of your family and friends, to your destination wedding, you’ll have to consider whether this trip is something they can afford. Not everyone can afford the cost of attending. Consider all the expenses like: airfare, hotel, wedding gift and any meals not included in the wedding festivities. Unfortunately, these can add up quickly and be quite prohibitive for many potential guests.

♥ WEDDING DRESS: What kind of dress do you have in mind? Will you be wearing a formal trendy gown or a less formal beach wedding dress? Here is the big question, how will you pack it and get it to your destination? You can send it ahead, but then you might risk it getting lost or damaged en route. This can definitely give you tons of unwanted wedding stress. Or, you can also check it with your luggage, but you’ll have to trust the airline not to lose or misplace your bags. Oh – that’s much less stress. Your best bet would be to treat your wedding dress as carryon luggage. This also means that there has to be room enough in the overhead compartment or that the aircraft has a cloak closet. Believe it or not, some of the larger planes still do. Discuss this detail with your travel agent who may have a suggestion. If your not using a travel agent, you may also be able to make arrangements with the airline to make sure there is room for your wedding dress.

Now, here is another alternative, places famous for destination weddings such as Las Vegas include wedding dress rental and may offer many of their wedding packages. This may be something to look into.

♥ LEGAL STUFF: What is involved in getting married in your chosen location? Will you need a wedding license issued where the wedding will be held? Will you need a blood test? What types of identification are required? Will your destination wedding planningmarriage be legal and binding when you return to this country? Thoroughly research this before making any arrangements. The last thing you want is being told at the last minute you can’t get married because your paperwork isn’t in order. Marriage certificates can cost you quite a bit. Don’t forget the translation costs, if you are getting married abroad. There is a definite advantage in using a wedding coordinator located at your chosen destination who can help you with all these things in advance.

♥ PHOTOGRAPHERS/VIDEOGRAPHERS: Will you be bringing someone from your city/state or you prefer to hire someone at the location. This can get tricky. When bringing a photographer with you, cost can be a factor, since you’ll have to cover all the costs (flights, meals, housing). If you are getting married outside of North America, you should know that most photographers/videographers don’t have up to date equipment available. If you are doing a wedding in Cuba, for instance, you can be certain they can’t provide the same high end equipment, since it’s usually in the in the range of $10,000-20,000 Chances are they’ll be using outdated cameras. They can be cheaper than your own photographers, but you do you really want to risk it? Getting your prints can be a hassle, since fast communication is not always possible. So also give this a good bit of thought when planning your destination wedding.

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So now that I have managed to bring up some of the biggest hassles and hurdles of planning a destination wedding, keep in mind, these are some of the most popular and memorable weddings in the world.

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