Choosing A Wedding Dress

Planning your wedding is tough enough so when you add the pressure of picking out the perfect wedding dress, things can really get crazy. Your wedding should be filled with lifetime memories and your wedding dress is a huge part of that remembrance.

Before you start shopping for your wedding dress, this video is a MUST…..

Every part of the wedding will be a lasting memory for the couple tying the knot, be it China, India, United States or any place else in the world.. All couples want everything to be perfect for their wedding and the brides wedding dress, can be the most important part for each and every wedding ceremony.

Purchasing a wedding dress however, can also be very expensive. When shopping for your bridal gown you might want to consider dresses that may not be categorized as a “wedding dress”. Bridesmaid dresses or other formal attire could fit your needs and are not as expensive as an actual wedding dress. Even if you want the dress altered to change some of the styling, it could turn out to be a huge savings in comparison to a traditional wedding dress. 26979986_s

You could also save money by purchasing a “like new” wedding dress. There are many stores that will offer wedding dresses that have only been worn once. These dresses offer a tremendous savings and most of them look as great as a brand new dress.

If you’re wearing a floor length bridal gown, you can get away with wearing less than fashionable shoes down the aisle and by all means, don’t forget to bring the flip flops. No one will see them and you’ll be more comfortable standing during your wedding ceremony.

Choose your wedding dress before decide on anything else, especially your wedding accessories including jewelry, shoes, purse, hair or makeup design. Take your time trying on gowns and look around at different venues before making your choice. If you can find what you like online, that will save you a lot of money too!

If you can’t have a limo for your wedding, dress up the cars you’re going in. Put on crepe paper flowers, streamers and whatever else the owner will let you dress it up with. It will make you feel like you have your own customized coach, so you don’t really need a limo anyway.

You don’t have to have a white or ivory wedding dress if you don’t want to, so spice up your wedding day with some color! You can choose a pastel color that highlights your hair or eyes, or have bursts of a bright color like red highlighting the details on your dress. Red, yes red is actually a popular color for a non-traditional wedding dress these days. Black and white is also another beautiful option.

Choose whether or not you’re going to wear pantyhose with your wedding dress early so you can order a luxurious pair of silk hose in your size. This is your special day, so you deserve to wear the best! Including a pair of stockings which are silky soft and gorgeous will make you feel even more confident in front of the crowd.

Shape-enhancing garments to wear under your wedding dress are yet another idea. You can buy bodysuits which slim your legs, raise your bottom, flatten your stomach and boost up your bust, giving you the perfect figure to accent the beauty of your gown. They can be expensive but you can always wear them again for any occasion that warrants it.

The most important thing to remember when your thinking of your wedding dress is to keep in mind that this is your wedding and your day. Have some fun and make it your own!

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