5 Tips In Choosing the Best Wedding Reception Location

Choosing the best Wedding Reception Location can be quite an obstacle. Most Brides and Grooms know where they will be holding the ceremony before they decide where to have the wedding reception, so we have come up with five notes that can help you when selecting your venue. Great tips in this video…..

These are 5 tips for choosing the best wedding location….

  1. Distance – If people have to drive a long way to get from the ceremony to the reception, some will get distracted, lost or even totally give up. A great idea is to try and keep the reception within a 15 to 30 minute drive from your choosing a wedding locationceremony. If it is not possible to get a reception venue close to your ceremony, try making make a caravan. Have the Bride and Groom lead the parade, and people will follow you to your reception. Just be mindful that if you’re in a high traffic area, this is not a great idea.  This is the last thing you want for your guests:

  2. Time – Time is just as important as the distance issue. Having your reception is several hours after the ceremony is not a great idea. People will get busy doing other things and not show up for the reception. This can also get expensive for your guests. Your reception should start within an hour or two after your wedding ceremony. If you don’t want to start your wedding dance until later into your reception, have a cocktail hour before your reception and offer several appetizers. If you are not having an open bar, perhaps a cash bar would do the trick and get people to mingle. This will be one of the few times that both families will be together. This can be quite fun and will get all your guests ready to have a wonderful time celebrating your wedding.

  3. Size – People like their personal space, and they have most likely spent an hour packed into a church for your ceremony. If you let them spread out, they will enjoy themselves more. Make sure your reception hall has plenty of room for your guests. The people renting the location might tell you it holds 200 people, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will hold 200 people comfortably! ALWAYS visit the venue before booking.Temperature too hot

  4. Climate Control – If you are considering a Summer Wedding, make sure your reception hall is air-conditioned. If people sweat while just sitting, they won’t dance. On the flip side, if they are cold they won’t dance either (who wants to dance in a parka?). Also make sure you know who has control of the thermostat so the temperature can be adjusted if accordingly. Chances are your reception will be warm and stuffy while all the guest are there, but as they trickle out during the night the room will begin to cool down. If your planning an “out-door” wedding, also make sure to have a plan-B ready. The weather doesn’t always cooperate.

  5. Smoking – This used to be a much bigger issue but many States will no longer allow smoking in an eating environment. If the facility will allow, you may want to assign a small smoking area for the comfort of your guests. Most venues will not allow smoking indoors so it may be a mute point. Even outdoor venues these days have restricted smoking on their premises.

Now if your on a wedding budget, in HowStuffWorks, Chris Obenschain suggests you consider this:

What’s the trade-off?

“Every bride has a budget, and you need to consider how much you’d like to splurge on an impressive location. If your friends and family know you as a total foodie, hire the best caterer in town to serve dinner and a signature cocktail in your parents’ backyard. Horse enthusiast? You could rent out the equestrian center event room for a pretty penny, or you could reserve a modest clubhouse and decorate with total derby flair. Pricing out all your expenditures before putting a deposit on a reception site will help you determine your options. Chin up: The situation might not be so dire. It might be a trade-off between the venue of your dreams and 400 personalized linen napkins you wanted for the cocktail hour. Now, which is how you really want to express yourself?” Read More

Facility wedding planners will bring up numerous other issues for you to think about when you interview them for your booking, but these issues are often missed, especially if they are not familiar or even like the potential venue. If you keep the overall picture in mind and closely work with your wedding planner or event coordinator on all the details, you will no doubt choose the perfect wedding reception location and have a perfect wedding.

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